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Real Estate Law

What we do: real estate, criminal, juvenile law, wills and estate planning, advising small businesses and not for profits. 


Property law is really wealth management whether you are buying your first home or developing a new home building business. You put your life savings in the transaction, and you hire an attorney to help you make sure you don't lose it all.  We anticipate all the ways things can go wrong, so that everything goes smoothly.


Real Estate FAQ's (disclaimer: these answers are true in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois only.  Other jurisdictions have different practices. 

When does the lawyer get involved? 

While it's a good idea to choose your attorney when you start looking for a property, the lawyer doesn't get involved until the date of acceptance, that is, the day the seller signs accepting the contract.  Once the contract is signed get the contract to the lawyer the same day.

Do I have to pay my lawyer now?

The lawyer gets paid at closing, and if for some reason the deal falls through, this firm reduces the fee by half.

I'm a Buyer and they said my loan is clear to close, what do I need to know for closing?

Everyone listed on the contract as a buyer must attend and bring an unexpired state issued photo ID card. The amount you need to bring to closing is known only a day or two before closing. If the funds you put down on the house are $49,999 or less you can bring a cashiers check made payable to the title company. No money orders or personal checks are accepted. If the total amount is over $49,999 then your fund must be wired to the title company.  Plan on spending at least two hours at the closing, often longer.